FTP drop-in folder

Uploading files to Portal through FTP drop-in folder

All Portal-jobs are connected “blindly” with FTP server. With this FTP Drop-in Hot Folder all Portal users can send files through the FTP file server which is directly connected with their related Portal-job. Alternative file upload possibility is useful when uploading to Portal web page is not working (lack of Flash or Java plug-in in web browser) or transfer speed seems to be slow.

Access –

Portal-job name is given for job by prepress operator. Users will find this name when they received “Portal invitation” of Portal-job. According to example the name of FTP drop-in folder for this job is “portal-dropin-for-COMPANYxProductNOPart_DDMM”.

User should log in to FTP server – ftp.kroonpress.ee – with login name “dropin” and password “dropin”. Note that this login user is not able to list directories. When logged in, user needs to change directory (folder) and access to directory with specific name of Portal-job. Common FTP applications have special menu option “Change directory” for that. We recommend using Fetch or Transmit (MacOS) and WS-FTP or FireFTP (Win).

Alternative access –

There is also alternative accessing possibility through the web browser (IE or Safari). Type the following to address line.


EXAMPLE: ftp://dropin:dropin@ftp.kroonpress.ee/portal-dropin-for-COMPANYxProductNOPart_DDMM

Note that you have to choose option Page – Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer. Also note that you accessing to “blind” drop-in directory so you don’t see old files inside. Just drag and drop your files into that Windows Explorer window.

File naming –

Automatic Page Placement feature places uploaded files to page positions automatically. Uploaded files naming should be named according the following rules.

<PAGENR>_* or *_<PAGENR>

EXAMPLES: 003_Magazine10-2011.PDF or Magazine10-2011_003.PDF or 003_Magazine10-2011.new.PDF

Underscore (symbol “_”) should be used in the file name only one time and only before or after page number. Files with the names with other usage of underscore are not supported and will be stuck. Only prepress operator can solve error “Unexpected file name…” and manually continue the file processing.

Please note that, due to unforeseen possibilities of file names, APP is inactive by default in Portal. Let our prepress operators know (by marking it on your order or contract) if you like to use APP.

29.06.2010 Kroonpress, Elari Kingo

File Naming in case of multi-language and versioning jobs (and APP)

Please use the following file names:


EXAMPLE: Broshure003-2011_VLogo1_P001cover.PDF


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