File naming

Automatic Page Placement (APP) feature places uploaded files to page positions automatically. Uploaded files naming should be named according to the following rules.

File name should start with page number. After the page number there should follow "underscore symbol" ( _ ). Underscore symbol is separator between the page number and product name. Use this separator (underscore) only once.



  • 003.pdf
  • 003_yourproductname.pdf
  • 003_yourproductname.newcorrection.pdf
  • 003-132_yourproductname.pdf

Please note that, due to unforeseen possibilities of filenames, APP is inactive by default. Let our prepress operators know (by marking it on your order or contract) if you like to use APP.

Inproper use

Error message “Unexpected document (or file name)” will stop the process and yellow ring sign will appear on top of page in Portal. 

  • Filename with other pattern (or more than one underscore symbol) will not continue.
  • Filename with numbers counting over the page amount (i.e page 108 in 5-page job) will not continue.
    • For example when last pages of covers are 107 and 108 then better name them 003.cover.pdf and 004.cover.pdf.

Let our prepress operator to know about this and we can solve it by manually continuing the process.

Multi-language and versioning jobs

Please use the following file names:

  • For main version: <PAGENR>_*
  • For changing pages: <PAGENR>_<Version>*


  • For 8-page job where page 8 is changing: 001_Broshure003-2011.PDF and 008_Version1_Broshure003-2011.pdf

For the sake of simplicity the names of versions are always Version1, Version2 etc. Do not use other version names (like USDversion, English etc).